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Calatravaís Redding masterpiece - The Sundial Bridge - photoblog @ jtp
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Calatravaís Redding masterpiece - The Sundial Bridge
Calatravaís Redding masterpiece - The Sundial Bridge
 Published 09-04-2007 22:16
Canon EOS 5D
1/2500 sec
f 4
47 mm
ISO 100



I was in Redding today
decided to check out the Sundial bridge for the first time
Iíve been to Redding 6 times in the last two years
hadnít seen the bridge yet
Kind of like my life back east
for 40 years I could have thrown a stone at the Statue of Liberty
it took a friend from the U.K. to get me to go to Liberty Island
pre 9/11 of course
I digressÖ
This bridge is lovely
I need to go back at night
and see it in its illuminated glory
lots of neat photos
Iíll add a few in the coming days

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